Eligibility For Zakat


Asalamualaikum Ustaz,

My bro just diagnose with Kidney cancer stage 4. In the household have his wife , daughter (15yrs),son & menantu & cucu (4 mths). Everyone not working. Son still looking for job. His eldest daughter earns about $4500/mth, has her own house with 2 children (3yrs & 2 mths).

  1. Is he eligible for zakat? If yes, under which asnaf?
  2. I always pay zakat and distribute to the 8 asnaf. I want to give my zakat to him, if he is eligible. Can I give him the full amount or only 1/8 of my zakat?
  3. Is it necessary for us to give to all 8 asnaf or just 1 asnaf if we choose.

Example like this year can I give my full zakat to my bro?


Wa alaikum salam,

Yes you can give your zakat fully to your brother if he is not able to meet his needs for himself and his family under the asnaf of fakir or miskin. it is not necessary to give to all 8 as not all of them are present in Singapore. You can choose to give to only one.

May Allah ease your affairs.