Permissibility To Perform Prayers


Asalamualaikum Ustaz,

I have learnt previously that blood that does not exceed the estimated size of a 50-cent coin is forgiven. Example:

  1. My hand is bleeding a lot which exceeds the stated amount above. A few drops of blood dropped onto my pants which when accumulated is smaller than the size of a 50-cent coin. Is the blood on my pants forgiven and be used in prayers?
  2. If the blood on my hand mixes with pure water (or any other pure liquid) dropped onto my shirt, is the mixture of blood and water on my shirt forgiven and be used in prayers?


In principle, all types of blood is filth. Blood that comes from a person is forgiven whether it is a lot or little in quantity. The size of the coin is only applicable if other’s blood spill onto you or you transfer the blood to other parts intentionally.

In both the situations above that you asked – It permissible for you to perform the prayers as they are forgiven.