Performing Qadha Prayers



My question is that I am busy these days because I have came in another country and I am unable to pray at time I usually pray Qadha but I don’t feel good while praying Qadha because I think people who pray at time given for Salat are more closer to ALLAH but I am so busy that I can’t pray at time but I want to have same reward for Qadha salat as other people who have for praying at time but for me this is impossible sometimes and I want to be same close to ALLAH as others are who pray on time. And maybe I will stop praying even Qadha if I think they receive more reward than me please help me.


Wa alaikum salam,

I would advise that you try your best to perform your prayers on time. Take some break from your work to focus on your prayers. If you really unable to, then only you perform Qadha. Secondly, make doa to Allah that he ease your situation for the better and never lose hope in Allah.

May Allah ease your affairs