Providing Maintenance For Your Spouse


May I ask if a marriage is voided when the male spouse never made any agreement with my non-Muslim parents for the mahar and he just set it on his own during the Nikah. Another thing is, the male spouse refused to give me any maintainance amount which is my monthly rental at home and yet he is asking me to be a submissive wife, cook and serve meals for him, clean the house and even would ask me pay for his credit card bills and petrol. His reason mainly is because it is modern times already and I am working wife. it was fine for me initially but then he kept on buying useless cars and I find it unfair already that he cannot even support and yet, can afford to buy many cars as he wants. Can you please help me resolve this?


If your husband refuses to provide any form of maintenance, he is clearly sinful. It is not compulsory upon you as a wife to sustain him like how you have mentioned in the question. Unless you agreed to it. It then becomes a help to him and not an obligation. pertaining to the dowry, if it is not mentioned in the nikah, then the judge will put a price to it. You have to consult the muslim court for that. And you can also lodge a complain to the judge saying that he is not providing maintenance for you. The judge will decide to give him a warning or even divorce for you if the situation worsens.  Wassalam,  Ustaz Anwar Hussain